A Clapham escort that adds color to my life


I never thought that my life could change after a woman came to me. She is beautiful and amazing. Her coming change my views and perspective on life. Apart from her beauty, she is also a good woman, helpful and generous to other people. She loves to feed humankind, and half of her wage goes to poor people. It is incredible to find someone who has a gold heart, someone who knows to enlighten peoples mind and soul. In this chaotic world, we need someone to help us go through our lives, someone who holds our hand when we almost give up. We need someone to remind us that we are always worthy and valuable. Love is a beautiful feeling, and having someone makes us inspired and would help us to go through it. Life is beautiful, and we learn to appreciate it when we have someone at our side. Someone to love and care for us. Someone to remind us that we are loved and care of. Life is complicated, and to go through it alone, is much more struggle. Many times life would let us down, many times; they would remind us that we aren’t worthy and deserve less. To be around my plastic and mean people are hard too, trying to drag you down and belittle you. People who are desperate to stamp you and disparage. It is hard to live with this world, where judgmental people increased, and everything you do is the judge. Your confidence low, and raised in fear. You have nothing to do but cry all night. You are done with all the shit and want to give up your life. And to have someone with me means everything.


Way back before, I have experienced such cruelty, though if I have been cursed and God is so mean for allowing things to happen in my life. It is painful and at the same time, sad and lonely. Growing up with a broken family, and living poor is tougher. You have no one to trust, everyone has their own life, selfish and it feels like I have no family. I don’t have friends and fear of getting too attached to people. I heard a lot of belittling in me, lowering my confidence and abuse my innocents. I got to walk away and work hard for myself. I have to earn money and finish education. I left home because I cannot call it home in the first place. I go to Clapham and live my life for so many years. Later on, got a good job, and met Clarisse, she is a Clapham escort from https://charlotteaction.org/clapham-escorts. She is the best thing that happened to me, yes my life is messy and hard before, but I was so lucky to have this kind girl with me. A Clapham escort that adds color to my life


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