London escorts or American escorts

This comparison has been brought up several times in the past. According to London escorts, this is not really an escort thing but more of a society thing. It is better compared to difference between a London girls vs. an American girl. But first both places have lots of people and their personality differ from one another, so Cheap London Escorts from wanted to discuss about the stereotypes only.
It has come to my attention that most guys think that London girls are easy, and this is the reason why most of Americans who visit here in London mistook an escort girl for a prostitute. Booking an escort girl then expecting sex well, to tell you the money you paid these London escorts are not for sex, but for the companion they have given you. And if it is to be followed by sex it is not offered by the agency and that is the decision of the girl you are dating, if she doesn’t want to have sex with you do not mopped around and whining that you are paying her, she is not a prostitute.
According to London escorts this issue is funny because everyone keeps referring us London girls to have a dirty mind just because we are European. First of all we all have dirty minds, yeah we London escort girls have a dirty mind sue me! But this is not because I am from London, even girls in America has dirty minds. Another comparison these guys assume is that Escort girls in London is too dressed for the occasion compared to American escorts. The idea of that a European girl always dressed too nice or formal compared to a casual girly type American girls. London escorts believe that this just comes from movies or even Hollywood, remember guys what they show you on media is not always true, it is sometimes just a façade of the reality.
Funny thing though, because most of the guys who are from London thinks also the opposite in terms of dating. For them American dating culture tends to lean on a more sexualized part compared to friendly dates at London or most European countries. They felt like the culture is just more innocent compare to the American culture which is more liberated become more sexualized
American escort girls can be flirtatious and forthcoming with the way she feels about you. This means that you can expect her to let you know if she likes you, which of course, is a great way of finding out how the date is going! Compared to London Escorts women who is much more reserved.
London escorts assume that when it comes to dating, London escorts has more experience in this field. According to them, most of American escorts in times of dates enjoy few glasses of wine then eventually lead to tequila shots since, they simply know that getting tipsy is the way to have an exciting date. However, on their counterpart London escort girls, are more likely to take their time and control their drinking and enjoys chat, visit beautiful sceneries and many more.

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